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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Intercosmos - 40 years of space flight (SSTV)
Interkosmos was a Soviet space program, designed to help the Soviet Union's allies with crewed and uncrewed space missions.

The program included the allied east-European nations of the Warsaw Pact, CoMEcon, and other socialist nations like Afghanistan, Cuba, Mongolia, and Vietnam. In addition, pro-Soviet non-aligned nations such as India and Syria participated, and even France and Austria, despite them being capitalist nations.

The project also includes, first ever astronaut of India - Rakesh Sharma 
is the only Indian citizen to travel in space. He was launched on 2 April 1984 on-board  Soyuz T-11 (Soyuz T-11 was the 6th expedition to Salyut 7, and carried the first Indian cosmonaut to the Salyut 7 station.)


marks the 40th anniversary of Interkosmos space program. To mark this day ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) in coordination with International Space Station is scheduled to transmit SSTV (Slow Scan Television Image) back to Earth from space during 11th to 14th April 2018. 

I have received following SSTV images on 11th April as the transmission turned ON - 

11 April 2018 :

12 April 2018 :

13 April 2018 :

14 April 2018 :

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