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Friday, October 27, 2017

1200 kms by road in 24hrs
It was my second trip to Bangalore this year, but this time we had something different planned - on 5th Sept morning when my friend Karthik's brother called up and asked me to join his family roadtrip To Ooty, Tamilnadu from Bangalore. While I live in Pune about 840kms away from Bangalore. They was scheduled to leave from Bangalore for Ooty on morning of 7th Sept, I immediately booked bus ticket to Bangalore which arrives next day morning so that I can join them as soon as I can get down from bus.

The bus takes about 12hrs run on National Highway 4 down to capital of Karnataka state : Bangalore (Mumbai - Bangalore). The bus operated by KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) - Airavat which is operated by their Scania multi-axel coaches on daily basis on this route which leaves Pune in evening and reaches Bangalore in morning.
While I was travelling on the weekday there were no rush for the bus and almost 50% of the seats were not occupied which gave me 2 seats and more comfort for long distance travel.

On the morning of 7th Sept : I reached Bangalore's Majestic Bus Station where my best friend Karthik came to pick me and we straight went to his home and within 40mins we left home for Ooty. Ooty is one of the well know hill station as well as tourist attraction in India, which is situated on Nilgiri mountain range which is a part of Western Ghat; a UNESCO world heritage site.

While enroute to Ooty which is about 8-15'C these days, there were thunderstorm predicted for next 2 days.
The road from Bangalore takes us to Mysore and then we head southwards to Ooty for which we has to pass through "Bandipur Tiger Reserve" & "Mudumalai Tiger Reserve" which are home to largest population of the royal Bengal Tigers.

On that road I saw most of the wild animals except leopard & tiger. Also noted that there is large amount of food available for these wild cats in Bandipur. Maybe this is the reason why they have the highest number of Bengal tigers there. Elephant, deer, peacocks, monkeys, wild boar, were spotted from our vehicle while crossing this jungle.

By the evening we reached Ooty aka "Queen of hills" - one of the India's famous tourist attraction due to its cold climate all the year. Its been famous for its tea since the british rule. During next 2 days I explored Ooty with my friend Karthik and his family. It was amazing experience. 

I am leaving this post quite incomplete as I have to include more pictures in other posts so stay tuned!

The more you discover, you found it more beautiful. This is India where you have different experience at each step. Also something I would like to add after travelling for this much; you can never explore India totally in one life and that's the fact because there is so much to see, explore & to experience.

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