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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Vortex Over Bay Of Bengal
As the weather imagery received from Russian Meteor M N2 weather satellite from 835kms above India as it orbit today morning at 9:15AM IST. 

Seen here is a VORTEX (also known as Depression) of intensity T 1.5 in Bay Of Bengal about 500kms is about 500kms from east coast of India as described by the India Meteorological Department's recent satellite bulletin issued at 5:30AM IST on 15th April 2017. 

As the images is processed with offline decoder, vortex is having precipitation as lowest temperature of this vortex is seen as -70*C. There is a chance of heavy rain in Myanmar, Bangladesh, North Eastern states of India & Andaman & Nikobar Islands. 

Due to this flights operating from Asia to Europe & Middle East might get affected as the vortex is right in the airway that goes to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur & other major airports. 

Seen above is the latest image obtain by me from Meteor M N2 satellite using homebrew weather imagery receiver setup - the image is the LRPT format of RG channel with 1km/pixel resolution. 
Precipitation measurement carried on received image today at 15/04/2017 9:15AM IST
Before the vortex build-up as seen 24 hours ago on 14/04/2017 at 9:30AM IST

Image : Devendra Kulkarni 

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