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Saturday, February 25, 2017

New WhatsApp Status - Fall of WhatsApp??

With the new evolved WhatsApp Status feature, the world's biggest instant messaging service is moving ahead from "text-only" statuses to include images and videos. This feature rolls out to all users on February 24, coinciding with WhatsApp's 8th birthday.

WhatsApp Status is quite similar to competitor Snapchat's popular Stories feature and the ephemeral Statuses will be visible to contacts for 24 hours to contacts depending on the user's privacy settings.

The new feature lets users share photos, animated GIFs or videos with drawings, images or captions overlaid. According to WhatsApp, the Statuses will be end-to-end encrypted like other communication on the messaging service.

Comments on WhatsApp post regarding new feature.
While most of the users are hating this new feature as its been copied or similar to other apps such as Snapchat & Instagram. I belive that WhatsApp is losing its simplicity and user friendlyness by implimenting this feature. The new update is rolled out yesterday in India (24th Feb 2017).

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