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Friday, February 24, 2017

Cover Shot : FlyHigh Magazine
The 2 hours of merge shot from my December spotting in Mumbai. 

The first ever composite of planes made in India. Consist of total 30 aircrafts. As seen aircrafts departing from Runway 09. Special thanks to Girish B & Jwalant Swadia for helping me out to make this merger possible.

HQ : https://flic.kr/p/Q8xT1K

The shot has got attention of Hyderabad based aviation/aerospace magazine - FlyHigh which is a bi-monthly magazine with over 25,000 readers. Giving me a chance to showcase my aviation photography. Also my first ever cover shot for magazine. Thanks to Pushya Mitra S. (CEO) & Keerthika Tenali (Editor in Chief).

The magazine was initially released (Issue 1) in mid February 2017. While several hundred copies were distributed at Aero India 2017, Bengaluru during 14-18 Feb 2017. 

Plane Spotters India advertisement on the rear of the magaine.

Copies distributed at Aero India 2017 

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