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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Satellite Made in Pune - SWAYAM
Swayam is a 1-U picosatellite (CubeSat) developed by the undergraduate students of College of Engineering, Pune.

Ping signal received from Swayam as it passes over India.

Beacon signal received from SWAYAM by me in Pune

The structural design of the satellite, design of it's electronic and control systems as well as the manufacturing of the satellite was carried out by the students. The project was completed over a span of 8 years and more than 200 students worked on it. The Satellite was launched by ISRO on June 22, 2016 along with total 20 satellites in the single mission from Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota, India.

The satellite is to be placed in low earth orbit (LEO) around the Earth at a height of 515 km.

Payload of the Satellite is point to point packet communication with which a user can send and receive messages from one point to other point on the earth. Scientific objective of the satellite is to demonstrate passive attitude control to stabilise and appropriately orient the satellite. This technique is being used for the first time on an Indian Satellite. Another objective is to provide Low earth orbit channel characterisation in UHF HAM band.

1 41607U 16040J   16177.43122364  .00002890  00000-0  14156-3 0  9995
2 41607  97.5068 236.5686 0013435 238.7343 121.2577 15.18902932   417
Frequency : 437.025 Mhz CW
To Read More : http://www.coep.org.in/csat/

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