Friday, April 29, 2016

India's Own Satellite Navigation System - NAVIC

On Apr 28 2016 - ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation's dedicated efforts and the launch of IRNSS-1G 

India joins an elite club of 5 nations that have their own GPS

There are various applications of IRNSS which is named NAVIC - Military, Terrestrial, Aerial and Marine, Navigation, Disaster Management, Vehicle tracking and fleet management, Integration with mobile phones, Precise Timing, Mapping and Geodetic data capture, Terrestrial navigation aid for hikers and travellers,Visual and voice navigation for drivers. 

A regional navigation satellite system with just seven spacecraft and in civil domain is unique to India. 

  • Accuracy of better than 20m 
  • Area extending up to 1,500 sq. km around India
  • Operational frequency - L5 Band - 1176.45MHz & S Band - 2492.028MHz
  • Modulation - BPSK/RHCP
  • Channels - 36 Total (11 Channels in L5 band + 11 in S band)

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