Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Big Picture

Composite image created from the Russian weather satellite "Meteor-M N2" with its LRPT reception from India & Europe on 27th April 2016. Received using Software Defined Radio using DVB-T TV stick & a homebrew QFH antenna  (The Quadrifilar Helical antenna).
Showing Greenland,North Pole To Myanmar - Area of 13,500 kms in single composite image at resolution of 1km per pixel.

Combined with efforts of Mr. Cesare Buzzi from Italy

The picture is made up from the LRPT images received by Jouni AnttilaCesare BuzziJose Rodolfo Ger and Devendra Kulkarni (me)

High resolution image can be found on my website ( - Satellite Weather Imagery of India) :

LRPT - The "low-rate picture transmission (LRPT)" is a digital transmission system, intended to deliver images and data from an orbital weather satellite directly to end users via a VHF radio signal. It is used aboard polar-orbiting, near-Earth weather satellite programs such as MetOp and NPOESS & Meteor M.
It provides three image channels at full sensor resolution (10-bit, 1 km/pixel, six lines/second)
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